-Consignment Sale-



Date and Time to be determined


SPONSOR: Hiland Preschool is the non-profit organization sponsoring the sale. Money raised will be used for operating expenses, toys and supply replacement, and room renovations.

VENDOR 60% Preschool 40%

HOW TO SELL: Sign up for a vendor number by going to the ADMIN bldg. once sign ups are available (white house behind church) between normal business hours (call first 412-364-9000 to make sure someone is there), pick up a vendor info sheet, tags and hangers at this time and sign up for a drop-off and volunteer time. Supplies will be available until the Wednesday before the sale. Each vendor may bring 150 items to sell, so be particular which items you choose and decide on a fair price for each item.

Hang clothes with hanger hook facing to the left (like a ?) and the tag goes on the right side of the garment when looking at outfit. (see below)

Tag items as instructed, making sure your vendor # is on both halves of the tag. (if the tag is not filled out correctly  we can/will not give you proper credit).

Do not hang pants/shorts OR PJS!

     clothes   tag


 Bring items at the drop-off time you signed up for (Weds, Thurs or Fri before the sale.) There is a $10.00 vendor fee deducted from your proceeds to offset supply and advertising costs. (No fee charged for volunteers who work a 3 hr shift.) As items sell, we tear off the bottom portion, sort all the tags, add your sales up, and issue you a check (appox. two weeks after the sale) for 60% of this amount, minus the $10.00 fee to participate (if you don’t volunteer). Items that do not sell must be picked up between 5:30 and 6:30 pm the Sunday of the sale or you can designate them for donation when you sign up. 

We cannot store unsold items. If items are not picked up, they will be donated by Sunday evening.    



The RED TAG SALE (50% OFF) will be held on Sunday afternoon from 1-3 pm. To designate an item for “red tag” simply use the specially stamped tags. If an item sells at the “red tag” price, the commission rate remains the same based on half of the original price. You may red tag all, some or none of your items. All items will be automatically reduced by 25% during the red tag sale; however, the commission will be deducted from the Preschool, rather than the vendor. If you are planning to donate unsold items, we encourage you to red tag all of your items to maximize your chances for selling them.

Check Pick up: The checks will be available for pick up appox. 2 weeks after the sale. Date to be determined and you will be notified of time and date. If check is not picked up, they will be mailed on the following business day. Tags will be available for pick up only with your check and will be available for pick up in the Admin Bldg for 2 weeks thereafter.

SIZE: Newborn – Size 14 kids ONLY. We will accept only seasonally appropriate & stain/tear free clothes.


EQUIPMENT: We limit items to exersaucers, travel cribs, strollers, changing tables, tabletop swings, gates, newer highchairs and 5-point carseats. Snugli/carriers, receiving blankets and infant towels are also permitted.

TOYS:  Books and videos are not limited but please DVDs only. 


**We will only accept the wooden board puzzles or new in box puzzles**



PARTICIPATION FEE : A $10.00 fee to participate will be deducted from your proceeds. This fee is waived for those who volunteer to work a 3-hour shift. VOLUNTEER SHIFTS are limited so sign up early.


Please thoroughly clean all equipment and toys or we will not accept the items. All clothing items will be checked at drop-off for stains and general condition. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT STAINED OR OUTDATED ITEMS-items should be less than 5 years old. 


QUESTIONS: Review info on our website www.hilandpreschool.com (sitemap) or email us at consignmentsale@hilandpreschool.com